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Upper Body Superset

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Happy Wednesday Guys!

Todays workout upload is based on workouts for back, tri’s, and shoulders. Typically I do 3-4 sets x 10-12 reps for each workout in a circuit or completing one workout and then moving onto the next.

From beginning to end the workouts are:

Back Flys 4×10
Single Arm Bent Over Rows 4×10
Tricep Extensions 4×10
Front Press into Shoulder Press 4×10

Let know what you guys think so far! Eventually, I will do voice over guides but for now I will always post the information in my description as well as my link to my ig and email!

Email: ree.dariso@icloud.com
IG: @ree.inspire
Web: www.reesinspire.org
TRU: www.gettrusupps.com/?ref=regan.green26

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