Shit Shop Strength Workout Trio of Exercises for Upper and Lower. Idy - Excersize

Shit Shop Strength Workout Trio of Exercises for Upper and Lower. Idy

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Another 💪🏼 Shift Shop 💪🏼 sample workout for you guys! This is a trio of exercises that works your lower & upper body! .
Here’s a breakdown of it! I took 3 more exercises from the 45 minute Strength workout in the series & added my own cardio in between each round. Killer workout, took less than 30 minutes & I worked my whole body
I love my BOD workouts because I can choose to follow the trainers and do them as is but I also learn a lot from them and use that knowledge to create my own custom workouts to mix it up! Give this one a try & look on my profile for the first half of this one!
💥Side Lunge Rows💥
💥Push Row Climbers💥
💥Pulse Lunge Hop💥
💥Sprints back and forth 3x touching the floor at each side. Aim for them to be about 30 yards apart💥
Do 5 rounds, 1 minuta each exercise, 30 seconds each side for the side lunge rows. And of course, more if you have it in you. On your last one, go until you can’t anymore with each exercise
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