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HIIT Workout & Upper Body Workout

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HIIT Workout
– 30 Second Skipping
– 30 Second Scissor Kicks
– 30 Second Plank Toe Taps
– 30 Second In & Out Squat Pulses
(Repeat 3 times with a 30 second rest in between)

Upper Body Workout
– Rows
– Bicep Curls
– One Handed Rows
– Butterfly Press
(8 reps & 5 sets of each)

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Detail Description for Form:
Bent Over Rows – Bend at the hips, bend knees slightly, keep back straight. Pull barbell towards the hips keeping your arms as close to you body as you can whilst squeezing your back muscles.

Bicep Curls – Keeping your elbows as close to your body as possible, raise barbell until it reaches shoulder length, hold for a second and then lower it back to starting position.

Lat Pulldown – Keep your chest tall and bring the bar towards your chest, Kell your elbows pointed straight down, squeeze your lats (the feeling of pulling from your armpits) grab the bar outside shoulder width or a little wider.

One Handed Rows – Same technique as bent over rows, keeping your arms as close to your body as possible.

Butterfly – With a slight bend in your elbows lower your arms to the side then bring them back on top of you. Your arms should stay still with only movement in your shoulder joints.

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