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Day 1: Upper Body (Strength Day)

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For those who didn’t know my real name, it’s Josh. I look forward to having an update video on my channel tomorrow. Stay tuned and ESO IS INVOLVED IN THE NEXT VIDEO!

Upper Body (Strength Workout) *Explosive Concentrics & 1-2 sec. Time under tension on eccentrics

Flat or Incline Barbell Chest Press (2 to 3 sets) (3-5 and reps)
Dumbbell or Cable Flyes (2 sets) (5-7 reps)
Wide Grip Front Lat Pulldowns (2 sets) (4-6 reps)
Barbell bent-over Rows or Dumbbell Rows (2 to 3 sets) (3-5)
Side Lateral Raises (3 sets) (6-8 reps)
Seated Combined Dumbbell Curls (2 sets) (3-6 reps)
Barbell Skull Crushers (2 sets) (3-6 reps)
Dumbbell or Barbell Shrugs (2 sets) (4-8 reps)


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