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YOUTUBE community TAG, BEAUTY OVER 40! Questions, and my Favorite youtubers!!!

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Hello All!! Super excited to be bringing you something very different.. a TAG VIDEO!! This particular tag is 10 questions about being a beauty you tuber!! The original video is about beauty, but as I do fashion and fitness, I’m throwing in some info on those too!!
The TAG was originally started by Lisa Stevens, I will link her video below. I heard about it from Steph Marie who I follow on Instagram. I will also link her vid below too!


Lisa Stevens original video:

Stephanie Marie:

OK. TAG!!! YOU ARE IT!! Anyone who watches this video and has a YOUTUBE channel, I TAG YOU!!

Here are the questions:
Tag Questions:
1. What are your favorite videos to watch?
2. What are your favorite videos to film?
3.What are your least favorite videos to watch?
4. What is your favorite part of the beauty community?
5. What is your least favorite part of the beauty community?
6. What motivated you to start your channel?
7. Who most inspires you on Youtube?
8. Number 1 thing you would change about the Youtube beauty community?
9. Number 1 advice for other creators/new people starting out a channel?
10. What do you love about Youtube as a whole?

Who I would love to do this TAG:

Lucy Wyndham Read @

Beauty and the Bargain: @

Jenifer Jenkins:

ALL TIME OG. Kandee Johnson @


Lucy Wyndham Read fitness for all levels

Melissa Bender, short Kick your butt fast HIIT workouts

Christine Salus. At home workouts that destroy calories

Body Rock, Lisa Marie will make you sweat so hard like you have never before.

Pixiwoo sisters Sam and Nicole of Real techniques
Sam Ravndahl
Freakin Hysterical and incredible makeup techniques

Jordan Lipscombe . Young British firecracker!! Cannot get enough.

Sondra Deluxe . On point makeup technique, drop dead gorgeous

Holly Boon. Makeup technique and face to die for.

Miss Alex (for petite women)

Karen Brit chick (obsessed, go on now girl)
Ashley Brooke

All around badass for women.
Alison of 25 Park on Instagram

Frassy Audrey my woman crush:

Voyeristic fun watching the best looking family
Tammy Hembrow
Over 40 Favorite instagrammers

Carin Fashion blogger from Amsterdam. A new dress every damn day!!!

Julie Alpine at
She wears the trousers ( I’m dead)

Over 40 Instagram BADASS for fitness
Svava @ The Viking Method (train like a viking!!)

Spiritual guidance:
Ralph Smart

Hope you LOVED this!! Please comment below on YOUR feeling about the the Beauty community on Youtube or Social Media in general!
Can’t wait to hear from you guys!!

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Thanks for watching!!



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