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Try my Leg, Ab, and Core Gym Routine!

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Above is Access to Day 1/Week3 of my 6 Week Gym Program for Women. Remember, this is just a free sample of 1 workout that does not include all the features talked about in the orientation video! The full program is a workout i’ve developed and refined over career as a fitness professional. The complete program includes 30 unique gym workouts for you to complete over 6 weeks, 5 days per week. I’ve also included my personal Diet and Suggested Recipes for 6 Weeks of Training. I’ve included the program orientation for you to learn how to use your workout guide. Of course, this free sample only includes 1 workout, not the full printable binder, the other 29 workouts, or nutrition material.

Let me explain how i’ve designed the 6 Week Gym Program. Every single workout in the program Include 3 parts: “UNCUT Full-Workout Video”, “Blueprint”, and “Snapshot”. Before getting started we go through a “Orientation” and “How it Works Instructions”. I’ve also included my personal Diet and Suggested Recipes for 6 Weeks of Training.

UNCUT FULL VIDEO: The full video essentially brings you along with me during every second of the workout. I decided to make this full-workout video to give you a first person experience and take all the guess work out of understanding and using my workout programs.
BLUEPRINTS: Detailed instructions and step-by-step breakdown of each days workout.

SNAPSHOT: A simplified version of the blueprints with a quick overview of workout instructions. The purpose is to provide a quick reference, printable copy, that has space for your own notes

HOW IT WORKS INSTRUCTION: Lets get to know your gym, equipment, and weights before we get started. This is a introductory video + written breakdown of everything you need to know to get the most out of your program.

NUTRITION TIPS & SUGGESTED RECIPES: I’ve included in this guide nutrition tips, the diet plan I follow along with 6 weeks worth of my favourite recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

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