This glute exercise will challenge even fittest athletes! - Excersize

This glute exercise will challenge even fittest athletes!

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If you want to help improve your posture, biomechanics, look better, feel better, and be healthier with every move you make, check out these free demos of my I.C.E.® exercise program. These exercises teach you how to properly strengthen and engage the various muscle groups in your body and focus on engaging your inner and outer core muscles. When you work towards structural and mechanical integrity, your body can become more efficient in every activity you perform!

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A friendly reminder: The FasciaBlaster is a Class 1 medical device. Claims and results are based on anecdotal evidence and have not been reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Check out this article and this video to learn more about fascia and how the FasciaBlaster® can improve its condition:

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