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For a #superbrain and techniques, #superbrainyoga Super Brain Yoga for More Energy and to Sharpen the Mind | Boost Your Energy Naturally | Improve Brain Health and Performance with Super Brain Yoga and


More on SBY here: Energizing of cells and nervous system, sharper mind, focus, increase your energy, balanced right and left brain using accupressure points and a bit of glute, hamstring, quad and core workout 🙂 Blog Article post here: Please comment below on how you are using Superbrain Yoga today and how it is helping you and/or your loved ones! We would love to hear from you! All integrated into this historically amazing system which you can do anywhere, anytime, any age and at any stage in your evolution. For Women as per comments below, unless proper Pranic Healing skills are available to you and/or you have an energy/healing session with me scheduled during this time, ideally do not practise Super Brain Yoga a day or so either side or during your monthly cycle. Please provide comments and feedback below as we would love to hear from you and your experiences.Sublime Energy, modern techniques, tools and strategies to Boost Energy, Balance and Longevity
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