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Site Injections = Local Growth: Why The Muscle You Inject In Gets Bigger.

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Steroids go systemic when injected and impact all the muscles in the body. But do they impact the muscle they are injected into more than the rest of the muscles? Mr. Vallarta, Bodybuilding Champion, gives his experience and theory on how his injecting fast acting steroids into specific muscles has resulted in considerable local muscle growth. He says its not the hormone itself so much as the inflammation the injection in that site creates.
Mr. Vallarta is not the first experienced bodybuilder that has told me the muscle you inject in gets bigger… Coach Marco is a big fan of tricep injections and delt injections to put on shoulder and arm size, and I even noticed when I was doing large amounts in my glutes my glutes got much bigger.

Disclaimer: Mr. Vallarta has a prescription for all the hormones he is using and he is doing so under Doctor supervision. Do not do any of this without Doctor prescription and supervision. This video is not medical advice or advice of any kind.


Disclaimer: we discuss prescription medications that should only be used under doctor direction. This video is not medical advice, it is documentary of my experiences and other bodybuilders sharing their stories not to encourage anything, just to share some information and education on one particular situation for entertainment purposes.

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