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Roland Pankewich A Crash Course on Digestion & Gut Optimization For Muscle Gain

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Our expert guest today is a Health Optimization Practitioner, Educator & Consultant for ATP Labs and host of Metabolic Mastery Radio, Roland Pankewich.

Ben and Roland unpack the practical strategies you can use today to optimize muscle gains, reduce inflammation and drastically upgrade your gut health and metabolic function.

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– 1:30 Breaking the mindset of calories = growth. Where to start with optimizing your gut and digestion.

– 5:00 Where digestion begins and how to improve your digestion today.

– 6:10 Ground beef v whole steaks?

– 8:30 Large undigested protein particles left in your system. The negative effects.

– 11:00 The benefits of fasting for bodybuilders.

– 14:15 Low protein periods for decreasing inflammation.

– 17:00 Essential amino acids for detoxification.

– 20:24 Managing inflammation.

– 24:10 The “Master switches” for optimizing your ability to build more muscle, burn fat and optimize health.

– 31:15 The major problems with children’s nutrition in North America.

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