Quadriceps stretching - How to Stretch legs - Excersize

Quadriceps stretching — How to Stretch legs

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HIP HAMSTRING STRETCHING (Quadriceps stretching — resting on one knee) – improved hip flexibility is essential for any physical activity, especially Pilates. In fact, this exercise is ideal for all those activities where hip mobility is of primary importance (running, athletics, dance, soccer, etc.). This exercise, performed before others, will ensure higher limberness and reduce the risk of injury.
– Kneeling one knee, bend your other leg, aligning your foot with your knee for form a 90 degree angle.
Slowly lean forward pushing your hips downwards until you feel the strain at the front of your hip.
Hold this position for at least 15 seconds.

Common errors:
1) Pushing your knee beyond your ankle, thus creating an angle over 90┬░.
2) Curving your back and neck forward during movement

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