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Leg Workout – Quads Of The Gods (HIIT With Weights)

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Fitness Instructor Russ Howe PTI works through a high volume, high intensity leg workout designed to break your leg training out of a plateau.

Combining huge growth hormone boosting exercises such as barbell squats, heavy bench step ups, barbell lunges and more with fat burning high intensity techniques including supersets and double dropsets, this tough session is a favorite among clients at The Torture Rack Gym and has taken on the name “Quads Of The Gods” for it’s unforgiving, punishing nature.

You can get more from Russ by signing up to his free training newsletter at his website http://www.RussHowePTI.com and his Facebook update page, where he posts tips straight from the gym, at https://facebook.com/RussHowePTI Enjoy.

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