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Exercise Routines – Strength Building for Irish Dance

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This video is to help Irish dancers gain the strength they need to execute all the new technical skills that are trending in Irish dance. In order to do the giant leaps, kicks and tricks with control and beautiful lines, you will need a strong core and strong legs.

You can use this video by following along through the full video one or two days a week. Or, you can use certain parts of this video every day to strengthen the areas you find are weaker.

I am hoping that this will help to shorten and simplify my other videos. I can now just mention that viewers should check out the “Quad strengthening section” of our “Exercise” video and then I can continue on with explaining how to execute the trick.

I hope this video helps you in some way to reach your Irish dancing goals!

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The music I used in this video was:
Stephen Carolan -Reel 113 (1)- ChOoNeS VoLuMe II http://amzn.to/2gJeXUs
Mike Shaffer, Theresa Shaffer Wilkinson- Open Reels- Rhythm & Roots: https://www.amazon.com/Rhythm-Roots-Irish-Dance-Music/dp/B005CY3O66

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