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DEVELOP YOUR BOOTY (Step Up Your Game) ► Hanna Öberg

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Sooner or later we need to step up the game!! To be able to develop in the gym, WE NEED TO CHALLENGE OURSELVES! So, this video is about remembering that body needs to be put in a position where it’s challenged! It’s sooo easy to get stuck in a pattern that you feel comfortable in.. but you’re not developing! We all see MINIBAND EXERCISES for the BOOTY 🍑 all over the IG.. right!? BUT.. even tho these exercises are good.. as you get stronger, the miniband is not gonna help you develop from the same exercises with the same set and reps! WE NEED TO MIX IT UP, CHANGE AND DARE TO CHALLENGE!! 😏
Below you’ll find ALTERNATIVE to Miniband exercises that you can challenge yourself in 🤗
1️⃣ Sumo miniband squats
▪️ALTERNATIVE: Sumo deadlift
2️⃣ Miniband Hip Thrusters
▪️ALTERNATIVE: Weighted Hip Thrusters
3️⃣ Miniband Donkey Kicks
▪️ALTERNATIVE: Bulgarian Split
4️⃣ Miniband Side Kicks
▪️ALTERNATIVE: Cable Side Kicka
AND.. don’t get me wrong! The minibands are sooo good to use in your workouts. This is only to remind you not to get stuck in the comfort zone when you become stronger.

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