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5 BEST Plate Loaded Machines [Plate Loaded WORKOUT]

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These are the 5 BEST plate loaded machines ‘in our opinion’ (probably because we own them and have them in our criticalbench compound gym). Strength coaches Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS and Chris Wilson, RKC, SSN demonstrate how to properly use these 5 plate loaded machines and then put together a Plate Loaded WORKOUT that hits the entire body. This plate loaded workout is below the links if you’d like a sneak peek. If you’re a beginner, start with lighter loads and higher rep ranges. As you become more experienced at lifting weights, add more weight, increase reps or sets and/or decrease rest periods to make this workout more challenging!

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For This Plate Loaded Workout, Rest 60 Seconds Between Sets.

Rep Ranges Vary Based on Weights
5-8 Reps = More Strength
8-12 Reps = More Hypertrophy

Circuit 1

Plate Loaded Chest Press
Plate Loaded T-Bar Row
Plate Loaded Squat Press – Facing Out (quad dominant)

Circuit 2

Plate Loaded Shoulder Press
Plate Loaded High Row
Plate Loaded Squat Press – Facing In (glute dominant)

Some more important things:

Most Plate Loaded Machines offer Bi-Lateral and Iso-Lateral movements. Play around with variations and be sure to do them BOTH in your training!

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