🔴LIVE ■ Cpt. Steven Seagal in Training ■ World of Warships - Excersize

🔴LIVE ■ Cpt. Steven Seagal in Training ■ World of Warships

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2:53:13 2x Cit Devastating destruction

GamerTag: Marcus_DS
Server: North Murica
Platform: PC
Clan: DaSquad

#DaSquad. Quality YouTube live stream in 1080p @ 60fps from Alberta, Canada. VARIETY is what the channel is about, ranging from favorites like Battlefield 1, World of Warships, PUBG, Star Wars Battlefront (pre-ordered SWBF 2), Adventure Based games, and many more. Enjoy!

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☑️ Stream Powered by Asus Republic of Gamers GL702, Logitech Mouse G300s, Logitech Headset G430 w/ 7.1 Surround , Shaw Internet 150

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