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Ultimate Lower Body Partner Workout, No Equipment needed!

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Give this Partner workout a go and i promise it will get your lower body and abs fired up with laughter. Me and Carley had so much fun filming this! These exercises are no joke! The will get the fat burning and the blood pumping in no time and training is always so much more fun when you have your bestie by your side!
This lower body partner workout requires no equipment so it can be done anywhere. No equipment, no excuses!
Give this lower body partner workout a go and ket me know how you get on! I have lots of partner exercises planned with some extremely creative people. Im really looking forward to creating this content for you all. I hope you enjoy this lower body partner workout with no equipment needed. Please give it a thumbs up if your enjoying it and leave your feedback below. What do you want to see more of? More no equipment exercises?
More videos showing you how to use different eqiupment?
Do you want more talking through training style?
Do you know how you should be training for your body type?
Are you training in the correct format to achieve your goals?
Let me know what you wanna see next.

Have a great week!

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