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Training Sessions – Maximal Strength (Lower Body)

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Training Sessions – Maximal Strength. Use my maximal strength workout at your local gym to build a solid strength base. Maximal strength will help improve your athletic performance on the football field. Also, sign up your email to be on the waiting list for my FREE 7 DAY TRAINING PROGRAM. Just head to my website for details:

Maximal strength is just a small part of building your overall athletic performance for football. Watch my previous video on Foundational Strength to see what you need to be working on before you start training for maximal strength:

To have a better understanding of my training sessions series watch this video where I discuss my 2017 training program:

The aim of the maximal strength phase to build muscle and strength to effectively convert that into power and speed which I will discuss in a future video as part of a PHASE 3 training session.

If you have any questions regarding my training program please comment them in the section below and I will answer all of them ASAP.

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