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Lower Body Power & Strength Workout – Best Exercises for Legs & Hips

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Are you ready for quite possibly the hardest leg workout ever? This workout was created by Jared Rodriquez for GUYS & LADIES and is designed to SHRED your legs, and make your lower body stronger and leaner in record time. Best part? Jared works ME out. Ummmm score!

Move One — Open-Toe Deep Squat
Move Two — Squat Steps
Move Three — Stationary Super Skater Side One
Move Four – Stationary Super Skater Side Two

THE DEETS — All you need is a gymboss interval timer and a mat. Do each move for 50 seconds with a 10 second transition (recovery). Do the whole routine for 4 or 5 rounds. It only takes 16-20 minutes to complete the whole workout.

MY TIPS — Go BIG! Go HARD! And get done! Wear your gymboss interval timer, and of course, your heart rate monitor & make sure you are getting that heart rate UP!

Guys… grab some weights to add size to your legs!

Open-Toe Deep Squat — Make sure your knees track your toes. Don’t allow your upper body to pitch forward, be sure you go UP. Ladies PRESS hard into that basketball. Guys do this move weighted. Be sure when the weight is over your head, you do not allow it to go too far back past your head.

Squat Steps — Keep your belly tight! Do NOT let your belly fall! Make sure your knees never go past your toes. Press firmly into your heel, that will ensure you are working the glutes as much as you can and keep the quads from taking over.

Stationary Super Skater — Keep your knee behind your toes at all times! I repeat this because I’m serious! You can rock these hard moves and NEVER get hurt *if* you do them correctly. Keep your abs tight by not wearing a shirt. Exposing your belly will FORCE you to keep your core strong.

STRETCH — I want a major EPIC stretch when you are finished! The workout is so intense for ONLY 16-20 mins, which means you have at least 15-20 mins to stretch. Make it happen. The stretch is the KEY to making this workout effective. I’d focus on quads, hammys, calves, and low back. Don’t make the stretching complicated. Do what feels good. NO phone, no computer, no TV. Just you and your mat.

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