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Leg Workout | Steve Cook

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What up Guy it is Steve Cook in this episode we are doing what I like to call a “Leg Work Out”. It is leg day today make sure that you are warmed up before you get started because I don’t want you guys getting hurt.

Today in our leg work out we will be doing the following:
Leg extensions
Calf Raises
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This work out starts out pretty chill I must say. I promise by the end of this leg work out you will be feeling it! I started out thinking I maybe this leg work out will be chill and guess what happened? It killed me!.

So make sure you follow the program people! I promise you this leg work out is legit and it will make you not just a better weight lifter but a better athlete. I want be good all the sports not just one!

Make sure when you are doing the lunges that you are making sure that your knee doesn’t go over your toe. Make your that your front leg is make a ninety degree angle. I don’t want you guys getting hurt in this leg work out! I want my people staying healthy and keeping those joints nice and strong!

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