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Scapular Winging Fix For All Levels (NO MORE PAIN!)

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Scapular winging is a problem.. let’s face it. And if you’re experiencing a winged scapula, that probably means you’re experiencing some shoulder pain or lack of shoulder mobility… or maybe you just hate how it looks.

Truth is, the shoulder blades are supposed to be flushed against your rib cage at all time. But if your shoulder blades are sticking out, it’s usually due to a muscle imbalance.

Specifically, the serratus anterior needs to be strengthened. This is a small muscle below your armpit that controls scapular retraction and protraction. So in order to strengthen this muscle and fix your scapular winging, you must do exercises where your serratus anterior is stimulated.

Here are the exercises:
– Wall slides:
Here you want to find a wall and put your arms out just below shoulder level with your forearms flat against the wall infront of you. From here, you will push your shoulders forward, imagining that you are trying to drive the middle of your back backwards. Then you will slowly slide your forearms up the wall about 6-8 inches, keeping your shoulders rolled forward and not letting them raise up. Then slowly return back to starting position.

– Scapular Pushups:
Here you’re going to get down into a pushup position. Back straight, core tight, hands just outside of shoulder width… Then you want to externally rotate your shoulders (this will help tuck your shoulders blades back). Then, while keeping your arms completely straight, you will drive your shoulders toward the ground, driving the middle of your back up to the sky. Then you will slowly roll your shoulders all the way back as if you’re trying to get your shoulders blades to touch.

– Resistance Band Scapular Pushups:
Here, we’re gonna be doing the same thing as the scapular pushups, but we’re going to have a resistance band wrapped around our shoulders for additional resistance against our serratus anterior. So get into the pushups position with the band behind your shoulders.. Arms straight.. Roll your shoulders forward as far as you can.. Then roll your shoulders back as far as you can.

Do these exercises for 3 sets of 10-15.. every other day and overtime your scapular winging will “magically” go away.

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