How to Headbanger pull up? | Headbanger pull up tutorial - Excersize

How to Headbanger pull up? | Headbanger pull up tutorial

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Headbanger pull ups are one of the best bodyweight exercise for the biceps that will help you to develop your strength and endurance.

In this headbanger pullup tutorial video you will learn step by step how to perform headbanger pull up . From positioning and developing strength for the move, all to the possible variations.

How to position yourself:

-Grab the bar
-Underhand or overhand grip
-Pull your self until your chin
is above the bar
-Go back and forward
-Range of the motion
will be better over the time

How to progress & best exercises:

1.Chin ups & Pull ups
You should be able to do:
-10 clean chin ups
-10 clean pull ups

2.Isometric hold
-Above & under the bar
-Aim for 15 sec hold for
each position

3.Isometric back hold
-Push back
-Try to hold position
-Aim for 10 sec hold

4.Australian chin ups
-Straight back
-Legs fully extended
-Aim 15 reps

5.Assisted headbangers
-Legs on the ground for support
-Simulate the move by going
back and forward
-Aim 15 reps


1.Underhand grip
-Normal or close width
-More emphasis on biceps

2.Overhand grip
-Normal or close width
-More emphasis on forearms

3.Mixed grip
-Don’t forget to
alternate between hands

4.Over & under the bar
-Headbangers above and
straight away under the bar
-Most difficult variation

5.L sit headbangers
-Each of the previous variations
can be done with L sit
-Putting additional effort
on the core

Hope that this how to headbanger pull up tutorial tutorial helps!

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