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How to Build Lean Muscle Mass for GUYS OVER 40

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Frank is a bodybuilder and creator of Massthetic Muscle helping guys of all ages build a strong, muscular and more aesthetic physique. Most guys trying to build lean muscle mass over the age of 40 are using a combination of free weights, bodyweight training or calisthenics and machines. The KEY is to keep yourself challenged. And be encouraged that if you are doing things correctly, you can FIGHT the AGING PROCESS.

Don’t become “LAZY” in your fitness just because you’re older. In fact, it’s more important than ever before to stay on top of your stress, your diet, your routines in the gym among other things.

To be truly strong and look good you must not only train and eat consistently well, it must always come from a place of focus, intention and maximum effort in order to be lasting!

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