SHTW3 Lever and Handstand Pushups Exercises - Excersize

SHTW3 Lever and Handstand Pushups Exercises

Exercise home – At the Super Human Workshop we like to bring a bunch of people and really you’ve seen what we’ve covered here – wide variety of different training information, different training applications. It’s gonna depend on your goals how you’re gonna take it and use it in the future to be able to reach more and more of what you want to achieve.

In this workshop I covered bodyweight training – some stuff I covered before, but really I gave the greatest and the latest of what I’ve been doing. So, one of those segments was leverage training and I’m gonna show you a couple of dynamic exercises that most people are saying when they go with the leverage training it’s all holds and that’s a big part of it, but there’s something great about movements. So, that’s why I included them there and you can check out a couple of those exercises right now.

Bodyweight workouts covered in this video:

– Front and back levers combination
– Back lever raises
– Circular Handstand Pushups
– Front to Back Handstand Pushups

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