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Calf and Foot Strengthening Exercises

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Strengthening your calf muscles and foot muscles will prevent plantar fasciitis and other types of heel pain. By strengthening your muscles, your stride when walking will improved and pronation can be corrected.

Standing on a stair with one hand on a wall or railing for support, keeping the toes on the stair and letting the heels hang. Gain balance in this position, then slowly lift up onto your toes, then slowly return back to the neutral position. The exercise should be felt in the calf muscles and along the back of the ankle. Slowly lift up onto the toes, then lower the heels back to the original starting position. This exercise should be repeated 10 times up and down for 3 sets, a total of 30 lifts.

This exercise will strengthen the calf muscles and foot muscles which will help to prevent and cure plantar fasciitis. Weak stabilization muscles will cause extra stress on the stronger tendons and ligaments in the feet and legs.

Another great trick is to stand on your tip toes and slowly walk forward and backwards taking slow small steps. Stand very tall and keep your hands at your side. Roll your weight onto your tip-toes and lift your heels. Gain balance and see how many 10-12 inch steps you can take forward, resting after about 10 steps (5 on each foot). Then, try and repeat the same exercise but walking backwards.

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