How To MAXIMIZE Every Workout | BACK & BICEPS | Swole Series: Episode 4 - Excersize

How To MAXIMIZE Every Workout | BACK & BICEPS | Swole Series: Episode 4

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Steve Cook is one of the most recognizable faces in the Fitness Industry. He is best noted for being an IFBB pro Men’s Physique Competitor, Optimum Nutrition and Spokes Model, international fitness Model, as well as the founder of Swoldier Nation. Playing football for Dixie State College and earning a BS degree in Integrated Studies (Biology/Psychology) gave Steve the foundation and experience to achieve a successful career in competitive bodybuilding. From benching 205 lbs in the 6th grade to gaining his pro card in 2010 to winning countless Men’s Physique shows, Steve aims to be a constant motivator for people worldwide. 

Today, Steve works to entertain and educate large audiences on fitness and health through a variety of online medias. Utilizing corporate partnerships and embarking on self-driven passion projects, Steve aims to redefine how exercise is perceived across the world.

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